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astuccio arricciatissimo

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pochette arricciata

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astuccio bombato qui
astuccio country qui

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Pochette da polso

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collana organza e perle

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collana yo yo

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collana da una vecchia t-shirt

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orecchi stoffa e perle

qui il tutorial

collana con perle e nastrino organza


orecchini a cerchio all'uncinetto


a. Yarn over hook.
b. Place hoop over yarn by hook.
c. Yarn over hook (I grabbed the little strand as well to cover it up)
d. Pull top loop (or in my case, two loops) under bottom loop.
e. Place crochet hook under hoop.
f. Yarn over hook and pull back under hoop. Now you should have two loops (in my case three because I was still using the small beginning strand too, but it ran out soon and I clipped it off). Pull the top loop under the bottom loop.

orecchini a cerchio

a. Cut a long piece of embroidery thread place the middle of the strand underneath the earring. Make a knot.
b. You can hook the earring onto something like your shoe to help hold it in place if you like. I also stuck it in between my knees to help.
c. After the first knot is made, one strand will be to the right and one to the left.
d. Take the piece on the left side and slip it under the earring to the right side. Then take the original piece on the right and slip it under the earring to the left side.
e. Now the strands look like they are coming from underneath.
f. Tie a knot.


collana di stoffa e catenina

tutorial qui

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Taccuino coccinelloso tutorial qui

Collana su una maglietta

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